SAS 2009 List of Accepted Papers

Stephen Drape and Irina Voiculescu. Creating transformations for matrix obfuscation
David Schmidt. Abstract Interpretation from a Topological Perspective
Songtao Xia, Manuel Fahndrich and Francesco Logozzo. Infer Dataflow Properties of User Defined Table Processors
Clément Hurlin. Automatic Parallelization and Optimization of Programs by Proof Rewriting
Liqian Chen, Antoine Mine, Ji Wang and Patrick Cousot. Interval Polyhedra: An Abstract Domain to Infer Interval Linear Relationships
David Niedzielski, Jeffery von Ronne, Andreas Gampe and Kleanthis Psarris. A Verifiable, Control Flow Aware Constraint Analyzer for Bounds Check Elimination
Daniel Grund and Jan Reineke. Abstract Interpretation of FIFO Caches
Luke Simon. Optimizing Pointer Analysis Using Bisimilarity
Andrei Voronkov and Iman Narasamdya. Proving Inter-Program Properties
Hirotoshi Yasuoka and Tachio Terauchi. Polymorphic Fractional Capabilities
Bhargav Gulavani, Supratik Chakraborty, Ganesan Ramalingam and Aditya Nori. Bottom-up Shape Analysis
Mohamed Nassim Seghir, Andreas Podelski and Thomas Wies. Abstraction Refinement for Quantified Array Assertions
Helmut Seidl and Vesal Vojdani. Region Analysis for Race Detection
Matthias Heizmann, Jochen Hoenicke and Andreas Podelski. Refinement of Trace Abstraction
Simon Holm Jensen, Anders Møller and Peter Thiemann. Type Analysis for JavaScript
Olivier Bouissou. Proving the correctness of the implementation of a control command algorithm
Manu Sridharan and Stephen J. Fink. The Complexity of Andersen's Analysis in Practice
Guillem Godoy and Ashish Tiwari. Invariant Checking for Programs with Procedure Calls
Silvian Calman and Jianwen Zhu. Increasing the scope and resolution of Interprocedural Static Single Assignment
Kyung-Goo Doh, Hyunha Kim and David Schmidt. Abstract parsing: static analysis of dynamically generated string output using LR-parsing technology
Martin Wehrle and Malte Helmert. The Causal Graph Revisited For Directed Model Checking